2013-07-14 12.18.08Another wonderful location to visit in Samana, Dominican Republic, is the Puerto Bahia Marina and Residences. After a few days on the north-western part of the Samana Penninsula, my friends and family and I traveled for a night to the southern part to stay on the very bay of Samana. This area is where the village of Samana is also located, only about fifteen to twenty minutes driving distance from the resort. Driving along the top of a hill range, it seemed that we were high above the bay’s shore when we drove into the private entrance of Puerto Bahia. Then we started to make our way down the steep road surrounded by green jungle to where the view opened up to reveal a panoramic vista of the aqua-green waters below. Here, the resort hotel and apartments were spread out and just beyond that, the rows of regal sailboats and yachts elegantly rested on the water, docked at their piers. 

This exclusive marina highlights the joys of a sailor’s life. The only ways to arrive and enter are by vehicle (with reservation and permission to enter of course) and with the same stipulations, by sailing in on a boat from the beautiful Samana Bay. From the lobby, one can step out to the marina and conveniently have access to their boat. Walking down the different docks, it is always fun to observe the names that each boat has been granted by their owner. A variety of origins were represented, listed just below the boat’s name.

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2013-07-15 09.16.57There is a splendid curved bar to the back of the main lobby, which provides an open space that looks out onto the marina. One can enjoy a refreshing cocktail there, admiring the peaceful view of boats and ocean, verdant green mountain-sides and tropical palm trees. While there is not a beach at the property, there are several pools located throughout. My personal favorite was the infinity pool at the Cafe del Mar, one of several restaurants located on the grounds. Situated on one of the extended points of the property, it rests right on the water and features open and indoor dining space, with lounge chairs for sunning and couches for resting in the shade awnings. I particular enjoyed my morning working from there on a lounge chair after swimming in the pool. The property features free WiFi, giving access to the internet when needed.

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Traditional Dominican rice with chicken, guandules, and fresh avocado!

Traditional Dominican rice with chicken, guandules, and fresh avocado!

Our accommodations were arranged by our friend and vacation coordinator, Alma Olalla, Dream Vacation Coordinator. She manages two apartments there, one of which we comfortably enjoyed with six people. Overall, the unit can comfortably sleep 7-8 people total. Our three bedroom unit was beautiful, with a large kitchen where we enjoyed one of our common interests and passions, cooking (and drinking wine of course). We enjoyed the beautiful sunset from our favorite infinity pool at the cafe. Then after dinner, we all gathered outside on our patio, enjoying the view of tall palm trees, their silhouettes dancing in the ocean breeze that flowed in from the nearby waters of the bay. Stars were out and we admired the heat lightning we could see in the distance, somewhere over the towering mountains to the south.

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Staying in this new location was comfortable and a luxurious treat for ourselves. The staff working there were kind and helpful, while the environment and surroundings were stunning. Our apartment and the entire resort had high-quality amenities, enabling us to enjoy the natural beauty while resting and relaxing. Enjoying the gorgeous view and presence of the marina from every part of the resort, certainly awoke within me that adventurous desire to sail more. Perhaps next time I visit Puerto Bahia, I will arrive in a sailboat!

Please visit my online album to enjoy more pictures of this beautiful haven: A Sailor’s Haven in Puerto Bahia, Dominican Republic

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