I am enjoying the tropical paradise of the northern shore in the Dominican Republic. Samana has been one of my favorite beaches since I was child and would visit my mother’s family in this Caribbean country. Located on the far, north-eastern peninsula of the island, the shoreline is full of beaches that are remote and still void of people, especially tourists. There are many Europeans that know of this area and have been visiting or even living here for some time now, while it is just now beginning to become known among other visitors throughout the world as well.

During this current visit to see my family in the Dominican Republic, we are enjoying a few days treating ourselves to a stay at the Sublime Samana Hotel and Residences. It is absolutely breathtaking with its position among endless numbers of towering palm trees and lush green mountains that dramatically cascade into ocean. The resort has its own private stretch of beach on a beautiful bay that encompasses turquoise, clear water. Also lining the pristine soft sand and gem-like waters are coconut trees, from which my brothers and I began to gather the ingredients for our new favorite drink.

I like to think of this drink as my combination of dessert and alcohol, but without any processed sugars. Here’s how it goes:

– 1 large fresh coconut
– 1 bottle of Brugal Dominican Rum, Extra Viejo
– fresh mango blended into a juice
– fresh pineapple blended into a juice
– limes
– ice cubes

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Add your desired amount of each ingredient to your drink, stir and enjoy! My particular favorite that I created was simply with mango juice that had some fresh squeezed lime added (not too much), some good pours of the Brugal Rum, and splashes of the fresh coconut water that was poured straight out of the coconut that we hacked open ourselves. Stir, serve, and drink in plenty while on the beach or cooking dinner in the fantastic apartment that we stayed in. Mmmm…a drink created by the native ingredients of the country! That’s my way of enjoying a drink when I am traveling. Do you like it?

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