I love travel and I love people. Growing up I was fortunate to have experiences traveling to the Dominican Republic where my mother was from, and enjoying trips to western Pennsylvania where my father was from. Having extended family in both locations, I learned of people and their cultures through their homes, their relationships, foods, music, and history.

Over the years, I have ventured out on my own travels: I’ve gone to school with my friend Anne in Germany, rented a flat in Barcelona near the beach, stayed with a host family in Scotland, and enjoyed Paris by staying in my friend’s home two blocks from the Eiffel Tower. My latest travel adventure was moving with my partner from Denver, Colorado to live in Spain. When it comes to style of traveling, I’m adaptable and open, having stayed in everything from budget hostels to chic boutique hotels and historically grand five-star hotels to private renovated castles in the Scottish Borders of Scotland.

Today I live in Dénia, Spain on the Mediterranean with my loving partner Eric J. Trujillo. Together, we enjoy our dream of living abroad and share about travel through our writing and videography at MoveToTraveling.com. Our most current goals (in no particular order) are to further our work of travel writing and videography, produce feature-length films, and own a sailboat one day soon. We especially love traveling the world at a slower pace and experiencing new places by meeting the locals. Our next desired destinations are Asia and the South Pacific.

My approach to life is to be open and to keep people in mind as priority number one. I like to apply this to travel as well. Whether it is with our business and work, our relationships and personal life, or with ourselves and our travels, taking a “people perspective” will only enrich our experiences and in that case, our lives. So thank you for being here and getting to know a bit about me. Please share my site with others and let me know if you’re ever in my part of the world. Open invitations to your part of the world are also welcomed!



  1. Lovely family. I’ve heard that Dominican women are very beautiful. And now I’ve seen one: you. So, your father is lucky to have now two beautiful women in his life. I’m a teenage girl and I like boys, but you are beautiful 🙂 By the way, nice blog 🙂

    • Thank you Mopana. You’re very kind and I’m glad you like my blog. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy more of my writing!

  2. Hola, Amalia! I found your blog (and your social media presence) from Facebook. I love Europe, and while I’m an admitted Germanophile, I absolutely adore Spain. But I should qualify that: I’ve “only” managed to spend a total of 2-3 weeks in Granada, Sevilla, and Madrid. I learned that not only must I return to Andalucía, but I consider the entirety of Spain a “life project”, no doubt aided by my having watched television series “Spain On the Road Again” and “The Art of Spain”. I look forward to following you and reading about Spain through your eyes.

    • Muchas gracias! I love your photography and know what you mean about adoring Spain! I loved the show “Spain on the Road Again” and will have to check out this “The Art of Spain” you mentioned. I’m grateful to be connected and inspired by each other’s love and appreciation for travel and especially Europe. I love Germany too, especially since one of my best friends is German and lives there still.
      Stay in touch!

      • Hi, Amalia. Thank you for your reply. I’d traveled to Spain *before* watching “Spain on the Road Again”, but this show has stayed in my thoughts for some time – perhaps it’s the vision of Claudia Bassols. 😉 But in truth, I want to do something similar: long-term travel throughout the regions of Spain, eating, drinking (some, although I’m less a wine fan), learning nation’s and people’s history through language and art, and perhaps, making a few friends and a few photos along the way. 🙂 “The Art of Spain” is a 3-part BBC mini-series, hosted by Andrew Graham-Dixon, about how art and the nation’s history are intertwined; that is, one cannot talk about one without the other where Spain is concerned. It’s definitely worth seeking and watching. It should not surprise you then that Spain and Germany are both “life projects” of mine. 🙂 Take care, and I hope to hear from you again, too!

        • How fascinating and encouraging! Thank you for sharing with me about your passion and interest in two such wonderful countries. I am definitely going to find and watch “The Art of Spain”, perhaps even tonight! You’ve given me some good ideas for upcoming blog post topics as well. Please keep in touch and may the spirit of Espana continue to flourish in you 🙂

          • I hope you find and like “The Art of Spain”; each of the 3 parts covers the south, central, and north regions, respectively. I’m sure lots more could be said, but they only had 3 episodes. I still have some backlog of photos (and perhaps stories) from my time in Spain! Saludos, Amalia!

  3. Meeting people and experiencing their culture is indeed the beauty of travel.

    • Hi Michel! I definitely agree and am excited that you enjoy the same in life. Thanks for reading my blog and interacting.
      I hope you enjoy future posts. Happy travels!

  4. Found your blog in a round about way in response to one of my blog posts! Enjoy your comments and thought you might be interested in this perspective about the ethos of travel.http://cositutti.wordpress.com/2011/07/31/world-heritage-is-a-terrible-thing-to-waste-2/

    • Ciao Pamela!
      So glad that you discovered my blog and thank you for commenting and sharing with me about yours. I’ve already enjoyed two of your posts and at this point, am excited to try and visit Ferrara for the next part of my Italian tour. I look forward to enjoying each other’s writing and amore for Italia.
      Stay in touch! – Amalia

  5. I like your people perspective approach, it is really the best way to enjoy life. Cultures and language also fascinate me. Enjoyed reading your blog, will be following you! Marcia

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