A recent new adventure…pin-up girl photo shoot :) and yes, that is me!

Rather than write a post about something I’ve already experienced or a place that I previously traveled to, I’m going to share about my excitement to have adventure. Although the holiday of Memorial Day Weekend is almost upon us, I don’t necessarily have any plans except the traditional barbecue with friends on Monday. So when my friend Lori sent me a message today saying “Let’s go have an adventure this weekend” I thought to myself…what a grand idea!

Adventure does not always have to include spontaneity, but that sure can be one of the more exciting ingredients that make an experience an adventure. There is something about travel that brings into our lives adventure. It can be faraway travel and it can be local travel to a new or familiar place…nonetheless, adventure is like magic…it’s there even if we can’t see it.

Higuera la Real, Extremadura, Spain

Higuera la Real, Extremadura, Spain

Planning can still be involved for adventure to take place. It’s not like we have to throw out any resemblance to structure and design to welcome a thrilling experience. At the same time, it encourages us to go with the flow and open ourselves to amazing surprises. And here’s another thought to try on for size…what if adventure can also be experienced in quiet ways? I know that for myself, some of my most adventurous and precious experiences traveling Italy and Spain last year, were quiet times of solitude and stillness. There were adventures on dirt country roads in rural Spain and others were on the sandy, tranquil shore of a beach in Calabria when the sun was rising early in the morning.

Riace, Calabria in Italy

Riace, Calabria in Italy

Adventure…here are some definitions I found of the word. Which do you resonate with the most? Whatever your idea of adventure is, I hope that you go out and create it in your life today! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

ad·ven·ture  (d-vnchr) n.


a. An undertaking or enterprise of a hazardous nature.
b. An undertaking of a questionable nature, especially one involving intervention in another state’s affairs.
2. An unusual or exciting experience: an adventure in dining.
3. Participation in hazardous or exciting experiences: the love of adventure.
4. A financial speculation or business venture.
v. ad·ven·turedad·ven·tur·ingad·ven·tures

1. To venture upon; undertake or try.
2. To expose to danger or risk; hazard.

1. To take a risk; dare.
2. To proceed despite risks.
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