Amalia’s Inner Circle


Hello dear family and friends!

Thank you so much for being a part of my inner circle.

If you’re here, it’s because I’ve invited you and I consider you to be a part of my closest network of family and friends.

As part of my inner circle, I deeply value your feedback to me as a writer (and regarding any of my creative ventures). And when I say feedback, I mean the brutally honest, constructive criticism as well, so please bring it on! I really value and welcome your insight.

With this in mind, I want to give you a free download of my book, Poetry & Ponderings. I simply ask that you enjoy it and please write a review about it on Amazon. Book reviews are so helpful and important for any author, and I greatly appreciate any time you can take to leave one.

You may also notice that the cover of my book displayed here is a new one (my deepest thanks to Eric J. Trujillo of StudioTrujillo for this fantastic redesign). It will be updated soon on Amazon.

If you would like to remain notified of my writing ventures, please subscribe to my newsletter and/or connect with me on social media.

Please do not share this page/download with others, but enjoy it as my thank you for your support and for joining me on this journey. Thank you!

With Deep Love and Appreciation,

Amalia Maloney Del Riego

I Use Selz

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