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The Chronicles of Heritage Series

Meet the Spanish In Me – Chapter 1 in The Chronicles of Heritage

I don't reserve any one part of my heritage to an assigned part of me. In other words, I want to clarify from the start that the title doesn't imply that only some of me is Spanish. If you want to be technical about it, then yeah. But in the heart of the matter, I am...

Stories Handed Down – Chapter 3 in The Chronicles of Heritage

Continued from Chapter 2 "A Figure in Spanish History"... In the previous two chapters, I introduce the Spanish side of my heritage by introducing the two men, who in my mind, are key figures to understanding my family history. While I focus on many historical facts...


In the Company of Silence

This poem came to me while I lay in bed one night, listening to the light rain outside. Its way of thinking about silence, delighted me.

The Sea of Time

Time is like a sea, Each minute a drop, each second a grain of salt,  Seemingly separate, up close so small.  Open wide the eyes and look upon the vista,  A sea, like time spreads out as one.  Even appearing still and smooth, a surface flat,  Yet moving and flowing,...

The Sea and Me

Dear sea, do you hear me? Do you hear me typing? What do you think and feel about how I sound? Do you smile and close your eyes when you hear me? Are you excited that we are so close to each other? I am elated to be near you. Hearing you I think of healing - your...

Perception of Presence

This poem was inspired by the view of an angel statue in the historic center of Valencia, Spain.

My Book

Poetry & Ponderings

The first book by Amalia R. Maloney Del Riego, “Poetry & Ponderings” is a thought-provoking collection of poems and short essays written over a period of two years. These life and travel inspired writings center upon the human nature and ability to open ourselves to questions without answers and the inspiration of pondering together our experiences.

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