Okay…so I’ve come to learn that I like to blog and write. In addition, I’m learning that to blog and travel at the same time can be a bit of a challenge, especially when I travel so last minute and with an open schedule, not knowing where I may be next week and most importantly, who I’m going to meet. You see, accommodations and internet connectivity have not been my concerns…that’s been easy enough to figure out. What can bring the unexpected and really alter the time I have to write, is who I meet, which means new experiences with these new friends. With that in mind, I’m just over two months into my six-month journey and the trip is accomplishing even more than I was hoping for in terms of traveling to experience local people and culture. But with all that’s been going on, I have a lot of stories and parts of my trip to catch up on still. So here is a quick run-down of my journey to this point, in order as listed…To get the details on each location, click on the name of the city to be taken to my blog post for the entire story.

Click here to also see my trip via my Facebook Map, which is still a work in progress so visit back often to see the latest updates. Overall, the trip has taken place since March 28th and while I originally expected to be in Italy for one month, I find myself in this romantic and beautiful country for over two months now and have pushed back my trip to Israel for possibly the fall…we’ll see…you never know with me ūüôā

First things first, with my trip starting in London with diverse experiences.

London Streets Near Soho

Milano was next for my first time in Italy and an amazing Italian wedding. During this time I also had a quick day trip to Lake Como.

il Duomo

Then off to Geneva, Switzerland for a week with my Tita Amalia (Aunt Amalia) while she was there for work.

Views in Geneva

I Journeyed to Venice where I fell in love with Italy and made great new friends.

Boat ride from a local of Venice

Next I ventured off to Ferrara and happened to book a room at the first Bed & Breakfast in Italy.

El Castello Estense

From there I did a last minute excursion to Florence for a three-days stay in an amazing villa that was gifted to me (this story is not written yet, so stay tuned).

View of Florence from the Villa

Volterra was my next and true experience of Tuscany where great friendships were made and I learned about Etruscan history.

Enjoying a Tuscan Sunset from Villa Otium

After extending my stay in Volterra again and again, I returned to Venice to experience my first opera, La Boheme, featuring opera singers and new friends I met there on my first visit, Sandra Lopez de Haro and her husband Stuart Neill.

La Boheme

Big surprise that from there I returned to Volterra for more time with friends.

Friends of Villa Otium

Once again, I detoured on my way to Rome for two nights in Siena and a great first couch-surfing experience.

View of Siena

Finally, I arrived in Rome to all the amazingly beautiful ancientness of this eternal city and some encounters with Italian love…perhaps? This is still to be written about as well, so check back soon for a story you won’t want to miss.

View of the Vatican

And now…I’m in the small town of Riace in the region of Calabria, located at the tip of the boot and in between Italy and Sicily…I am loving south Italy and especially being right across the street from the sea.¬†I’ll make sure to fill you in on this story soon since it is unfolding as I write this.

Enjoying the beaches of Riace, Calabria

Thank you for following along and sharing about my travels and writing with others. This trip would not be the same without you!

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