If you are subscribed to my blog, or perhaps are considering joining in on the fun, I’m writing this post to let you know that some great changes are taking place. If you’re reading this, those changes affect you!

I honor your connection with me and interest in what I am sharing through my site. Your information is never shared and I always use only best practices in my communications. To continue in this, I’m changing my subscriber notification system to MailChimp. I’m excited to update my subscriber sign-up capabilities and notifications so you can have more customization of what you receive from my blog. Here’s how to make sure that you’re kept in the loop:

  1. 1.-Blog-Dated-We-are-now-Mailchimp-Experts-300x300If you’re already subscribed, check to see if you follow me via Email Only or through your WordPress account.
  2. If you haven’t already subscribed and are a new follower, or if you are following through your WordPress account, please click here to subscribe and customize your preferences.
  3. For those already subscribed via Email Only, you can click on the link above as well to customize your preferences.

I like to write about a lot of things and the topics vary, which is why I encourage you to take time to click on the link just above, so you can manage what topics you want to receive. For example, I love to travel and have done so quite a bit. Maybe you’re here and subscribe because you love traveling too. Writing is my other passion, leading to various topics from the sharing of thoughts on life and reviews of fun places to the rhythms of poetry.

What it comes down to is that I love experiences and life. In subscribing to my blog, you can count on what you receive from me and this community to reflect this love for life that I so desire to inspire in myself, in others, and to enjoy. Thank you for joining me and encouraging each other to Rise to Love Life.

Do you use MailChimp for your blog? If you follow blogs and receive notifications, what email notification tool do you like receiving from? Stay tuned to my blog’s business category to tap into what I’m learning and implementing first-hand by using MailChimp with WordPress, as well as a treasure chest of my favorite widgets, plugins and other tools for a fantastic WordPress Site

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