Fun cruises and delicious food…Can they go hand-in-hand? I am a traveler who has yet to experience a cruise and it’s a style of traveling that I have not really been drawn to. I figured it was not my style. That is, until I read these first-hand accounts of the amazing gastronomic experiences that are the prized jewel of many fantastic cruise lines.

Freelance travel writers, Annie Jacobs and Sally Grimes, from Iglu Cruise, have teamed up their love for traveling and food with their trips aboard many of the best cruise lines. I realize that one of the negative assumptions I have held about taking a cruise is that the food is typical, over-rated, and even un-healthy. From the combined experiences of these two fellow-travelers, they shed light on the fact that many people, like myself, underestimate the quality of food that cruise ships provide at sea. Why continue to miss out on fantastic dinning experiences that enhance a passion I love – travel?

With eye-candy images and helpful facts, their latest travel article has me ready to jump on board and welcome cruises into my style of travel. I would try to pick a favorite from their reviews, but it’s so hard to choose… I’m going to have to at least start with the Kai Sushi on Princess Cruises and on another trip venture into East on P&O Cruises. Here is their captivating and mouth-watering account, “Top 10 Speciality Restaurants at Sea”.

Have you been on a cruise? Which of these restaurants would you pick to get on board with?

Click on the title to enjoy the article:

“Top 10 Speciality Restaurants at Sea”


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