What a great day! And of course it would be when I decide to have a Sunday, fun-day. After twelve plus years of living in Colorado, I finally visited the Denver Art Museum today. My friend Jack had the idea to spontaneously go and we were rewarded with a serendipitous turn of events when we arrived and learned it was free day and there was no admission to pay for entry! I’ve always loved the architecture of the Denver Art Museum building…set against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, it provides a dramatic contrast with its modern style of sharp angles and grey tones. To compliment it, there are great outdoor sculptures of abstract design in bright hues of bold red.

Since it was a beautifully warm day outside today, it was not quite as crowded inside the museum as one would expect. Jack and I enjoyed the feature exhibit of Georgia O’Keeffe that highlighted her paintings inspired by her time lived in New Mexico. Later we made our way through the exhibits of the American West and American Indian heritage, the Asian exhibits, and eventually finished with a tour of the Spanish Colonial Exhibits and European art.

It was just as interesting to people watch as it was to take in the art. Striking up conversations with strangers is always a fun time for me and it so happens to be for Jack as well. We made friends along the way and put smiles on people’s faces and got them to laugh with us too.

I found out that the last Sunday of every month is free admission into the Denver Art Museum. Since Sundays are prime for fun-days (although I think any day qualifies as a fun-day), consider tying in a visit to the Denver Art Museum and take advantage of free admission on that last Sunday of the month. Don’t miss out on this great experience in Denver like I did for so many years. Yet when the timing is right, it’s truly serendipitous. Especially when you make it a fun-day.


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