Being back in Higuera la Real feels so good for me. There is a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment to being back in this small rural town of Spain’s beautiful countryside. For the local people here, sheep are an everyday part of life and I bet they’re used to seeing them so often. Yet for me, I find childlike delight and joyful excitement in seeing the gentle fluffy animals. They spark such curiosity in me and I love drawing close to peer at them through fences or over ancient stone walls. Today I got to encounter an entire flock of sheep that were being led by their shepherd. There was nothing in between me and them, causing me to wonder for a fleeting moment if they ever ram people who are in their path…

2015-01-07 12.24.25

Walking down my favorite country dirt road here, I first spotted the sheep with my ears, hearing the bells on some of their necks clanging and ringing out in the fresh clear air. Some of the adults were on either side of the road, munching on lush green grass. As I got closer I could see that several lambs were with them. It took no time at all for them to sense that I was coming near and they were on the move…but instead of running away from me, they began to run towards me, all of them! Their shepherd was behind them, coming up the road with his staff in hand. Seeing all those sheep coming at me I wondered for a moment if any of them would try to butt heads with me. That didn’t stop me from staying where I was and taking some pictures and video. It was hilarious experience the flock part all around me like a babbling brook around a rock. The only indication they were perturbed by my presence and having to go around me, was the heightened volume and frequency of their bah’s. Even the lambs were bleating out loudly.

Once they passed, I exchanged hola’s with their shepherd and they continued on their way. It’s amazing how something that is custom for some people in their everyday life to be so uniquely delightful and intriguing for someone else, like myself. I find myself enjoying these simple differences in lifestyle and culture when I travel. I hope that through my photos, writing and videos, you can too.

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