From One Cycle to the Next – A Birthday Poem

by | Poetry

And so this journey continues,

A new place I find myself in.

The end of a 7-year cycle,

The furthering of this path of mine.

I’ve been to the top of mountains,

and looked out over the seas.

I’ve come down from those heights,

traveled on and wandered some.

At the shore I find myself,

by the water’s edge I feel the sea.

I choose newness, change, deliberation,

and see before me my path.

Now embarked on a vessel,

sails full of wind carrying me on,

I glimpse back and see where I come from,

Now turn and face my present full on.

Some things familiar I take with me,

and even more things I let go.

As sails unfurled ready for the wind,

I am open for my future.

It is not only ahead of me, for like the wind,

it comes from all around and drives me.


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