I’m Amalia Maloney. And I used to use a PC. I know…for a creative, photo-loving, traveling-junky, writing-fanatic, you would think I was using a MAC ages ago. While I set trends in some areas, computers and technology is obviously not one of them. So yes, I just got my first, brand new MAC Book Air!

My little laptop baby is a precious 13-incher and so lite – I love it! I’m already imagining the beaches of the world that I need to sit and write from, the huts on mountain-tops of European Alps I’ll be trekking to with it, and the endless eclectic coffeehouses of the world that I’ll tote it around to. Watch out world – this traveler and writer is now a MAC user 🙂

I know the MAC just changed up to OS X Yosemite and people are wondering if it keeps the “Apple-feel” to it. While I didn’t have many days on the prior operating system, I can definitely tell the difference. I don’t mind it, but the look and design is pretty different. There are things like the appearance of the dock, that I wish had stayed the same. But overall, I’m fine with it and I know over time will be able to speak more to the updates that Apple comes out with.

2014-11-10 15.46.34

Do you have a PC or a MAC? What is you like or don’t like about your device? Keep in mind, I loved having the PC I had for years and am super grateful for it. Yet the opportunity to try something so new always overrides the familiar same-old same-old for me. Let me know what kind of writing and/or traveling tools you use.

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