2013-11-09 15.23.31The island of Bermuda…it’s sung in summer songs, praised for beautiful turquoise waters, and sought after as a tropical island vacation destination. I was not expecting or even seeking to visit Bermuda any time soon, so once again I was excited for a spontaneous travel opportunity. With only two weeks to our departure date, I got a smoking great deal on a round-trip ticket from Denver to Bermuda. It was only $410 and the flight schedules there and back were the shortest of everything available and only one-stop. So my first tip for visiting Bermuda, is that if you’re on a budget, look at going during their off-seasons, which start off in October/November. Here are some other great tips that I’m learning first hand while I’m enjoying my first trip to this island alone in the Atlantic.

2013-11-09 15.21.54Above all, make sure you’re aware of the custom laws regarding what you can bring into the island. Each person is allowed to bring up to 2 liters of alcohol in with them, duty-free. After that, you have to pay the tax on what you bring. Which leads me to next piece of advice, bring in what you can regarding foods that easily keep while traveling and alcohol, because everything on the island is expensive! Renting a place with a kitchen will help so that you can cook in, but overall, groceries and eating out is almost triple in price since everything is imported into the country.

Be aware of the weather. If you do choose to visit in off-seasons for lower prices, make sure to pack your hoodies and pants. The wind gets chilly and temperatures drop into the 60’s even during the day. Rainy conditions are prevalent during these times and the water gets cold so you’ll want a wet suit if you’re going to enjoy the famous snorkeling and diving.

Visiting the "Glass Beach" where endless pieces of sea glass in the water and on the shore.

Visiting the “Glass Beach”, full of endless pieces of sea glass in the water and on the shore.

On the food and drinks front, make sure to get out and enjoy the island’s famous “swizzle” drink. It’s an intoxicating blend of three of the island’s rums and three fruit juices. My personal favorite is the dark and stormy cocktail made with the island’s native Gosling’s rum and Gosling’s ginger beer, a Bermudian company. Flanagan’s is a great pub to visit for food and drinks in Hamilton area and the famous Swizzle Inn Pub and Restaurant is a fantastic spot for drinks in the Warwick Parish area. Fun beaches to visit are the unique “Glass Beach” that is full of pieces of sea glass in the water and all over the shore.

2013-11-09 09.56.52Getting around the island, in my mind, is quite the adventure. I recommend getting a bus pass for the time you’re going to be there. Otherwise, you can rent a scooter, but even the locals say that can be dangerous. You see, the roads are pretty narrow, only one lane each way, and their windy and full of sudden sharp curves. Running along the tops of the drastic, volcanic cliffs, they run along the high edges with beautiful views….but they have no sidewalks for pedestrians or room on the road for cyclists.

My time in Bermuda has me enjoying the gorgeous turquoise waters, lush green foliage, and the warm friendliness of the locals. They are so kind and helpful. One night, our taxi driver returned after dropping us off to return a 100 dollar bill we had mistakenly given him, thinking it was a 1 dollar bill. He came back to return it to us! We are amazed and so grateful for the ethnicity and kindness of the Bermudians. My favorite aspect though of the whole trip, is being here with my boyfriend and his family. It’s a great place to explore and relax at with family and friends.

2013-11-09 15.20.44

Have you been to Bermuda? What was your experience like? I think it’s a fun island to visit, especially when you’re ready.

To enjoy more gorgeous photos of Bermuda, visit my online album: “First Visit to Bermuda”

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