In a matter of a couple of weeks, we’re moving from Denver to travel. This new journey that my boyfriend and I are embarking upon is not about settling into a new destination; it is about our traveling lifestyle. I wrote in a recent post, Moving to Traveling, about the places we’re heading to next. What I love discovering is that the journey has already begun because even these days and weeks before we depart are a part of the adventure. There are a lot of things to enjoy and new things we’re already learning as we prepare. Along the way, I’ll write about the things we’re learning and doing, and hope that can be helpful to you in any travel and entrepreneurship desires you have for yourself.


MacBookAirStay in touch when you travel nowadays is easier than ever. Even if you’re still working when you’re traveling or moving to another country, like we are. We already purchased a Skype number that people from US can call for free, just like they would any cell phone. They can even leave messages that we can check on our Skype account with the Skype voicemail. It’s really easy and affordable. For 3 months, it only cost $18 and if you pay for 6 months at one time, you get a slight discount. Then you choose what city you want your phone number to be associated with and you get a whole list of numbers to choose from. This is especially helpful for our creative marketing business that we have so that our clients can also reach us when they desire. You can also get Skype credit, which enables you to call landlines and mobiles in any country from your Skype account. That’s also very handy and I still have some left from the last time I traveled.

My other favorite thing I discovered and used when traveling all of 2012, is that you can unlock your iPhone and get a micro-sim phone card with a carrier in the country you’re traveling. Verizon is the provider that Eric and I use and they will do the two things that make this possible and wonderfully affordable: 1) unlock your iPhone and 2) put your account on non-billable hold. And yes, your phone will still work just fine when you return home.

To get the details on how to do this, read my article How to Unlock Your iPhone for Traveling through Europe.

Mobile Studios

Pelican_BackpackWe’ll go into more depth on this in an upcoming post, but gist of it is, I’ve tested this out and it works. Your office can fit into a single briefcase. Or in the case of my boyfriend Eric, into a trusty backpack. With the technology we have today, working on the go is not only possible, but affordable. Heck, more and more it can even save you money because the cost of living and working in certain places in our world can be more expensive than traveling consistently.

For us, Apple products are the way to go. From our iPhones (5S and 6) to our Mac Book Air and Mac Book Pro, we’re able to have the software and technology capabilities needed for our creative marketing business. The size is light and compact and files and even software are on the Cloud.

Our newest, nifty discovering we’re going bonkers over is the super small, compact projector that we just got as well. This not only serves as a mobile entertain tool, but primarily functions as Eric’s second monitor for when he’s doing design and graphics work. We just project that puppy up on a blank wall and we’re set! Great too for presenting to potential clients. Stay tuned to learn more about which projector we’re using and to get the specs.

Selling S*%#*…Stuff

You know, for the fact that Craigslist is what it is today, we’ve been enjoying all the cool, nice and interesting people we’ve met from selling things on Craigslist lately. We also had a garage sale and we’re not shy about pawning our things onto our friends and neighbors, as well as to our Facebook community.

What’s been neat is to experience how shedding stuff catches on. The more we do it and are willing to get rid of, the better it feels and we just want to let go of more things. Something that we’re learning really helps is to start early with this. We’re feeling pretty good about that and are even getting a kick out of it. It’s sort of exciting and fun; like playing camping as kids or something. I felt like that the other night when we went to bed on our mattress on the floor because in less than an hour we sold our bedroom bed set.

More to Come

Have you ever moved out of the country? What was the experience like for you? Did you take stuff? Or did it inspire you to get rid of things? What are things that you do in preparation for a long travel excursion? We’d love to hear from your experiences too, so please share your stories and insight with us here. And if we can be of any help, let us know your questions. Till next time!

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