Welcome to my travel blog where I share with the world my style of traveling: to experience local Peoples and cultures wherever I go.

There are many different ways to travel and my personal favorite is to travel with a focus on “Ethnos“, which is the Greek word for people. Rather than stay at only tourist areas, I focus on staying with locals wherever I visit. It may be a friend, a family member, or a friend of a friend or family member. This affords me the opportunity to experience the area through the richness of the people and their culture. The world holds so many different people and that is what makes our cultures diverse and wonderful to experience. There is nothing like meeting different people in new places to broaden and enrich our lives.

My hope is that you enjoy my writings of my travels, whether you have stayed close to home or you roam the globe. Visit with me and experience the world through the eyes of those who know their home best. And if you want me to visit your area, I would love an invitation.

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