IMG_1716Traveling is not about vacation for me or about taking a trip. For me, traveling is my lifestyle. I know that a lot of people wonder how I afford such a lifestyle. It’s okay that many people probably have their assumptions…maybe I’m rich, some lucky trust-funder (I absolutely do not believe in luck) or perhaps I get paid by a company related to travel and tourism…neither of those are the case for me. Here is how I manage to travel and how I am enjoying the journey of living one of my dreams and passions.


2012-12-17 11.46.33Just over a year ago, I realized I would rather put my money towards what contributed to traveling. So I sold my furniture and continued to rent apartments or rooms. I got rid of clothes and shoes that I had not worn in a while. Then, just a few months ago while in Denver (my US home-base), I sold my adorable little mini-cooper, Chiquita (of course she had a name…she was yellow and white for goodness’ sake). My life at this time, materially speaking, fits into the smallest U-Haul van that you can possibly rent. While this is the route that I have taken, it doesn’t necessarily have to look like this for others who want to travel as a lifestyle or for extended periods of time. In my case, it simply feels wonderful and amazing to live so lite and once I began to get rid of “things” and simplify, it seemed contagious.

Work & Income

2012-08-23 16.33.57This has been the trickiest part I would say of my life. I say this, because my income fluctuates and I am not rich or endowed with an inheritance of money…I make money as I travel. At this time, I simply have to. Even before I started traveling more, I was working for myself. While I spent most of my twenties working for others and in large corporations, I gravitated more towards entrepreneurship. So in the past year, my work has evolved to fit the number one criteria that is most important for me: to work from anywhere! Now, I enjoy being a social media coach to people and businesses. Many times it is others who are also venturing out on the adventure of self-employment and building their own company. This is inspiring to get to work with others that share this passion with me. Other times, my services are hired by large companies as well. In both cases, I get to instruct and see people empowered through learning the latest ways of marketing and promotion that are being used throughout our world today. The most exciting aspect of this for me has been the experience of working in another language, Spanish, and with people in different countries. I’m getting to work and offer my skills and services internationally.

Once I started pursuing and living out my dream of traveling, other talents and gifts of mine began to surface more. I have made money writing and even singing. While I do not do this full-time yet, it is eventually how I would like to make the majority of my income (all while still traveling of course).

Community & Connection

I am quite the people-person and very social, yet at the same time, my lifestyle is very independent and I travel many times alone. This has taught me a lot about appreciating the power and importance of community and connection. My way of life and traveling is possible because of others as well. It’s not just about me and not possible on my efforts and strength alone. Asking for help and contribution from others, can for me be challenging and scary. I want to think that I can do it all on my own and especially for others to think I do it all on my own. But that’s not true. I need you too, just like you need me, because we’re made to all need each other and to live life together. It is one of the most important and powerful lessons that traveling continues to teach me.

Asking & Appreciating

Being grateful is key for me in all aspects of life. I appreciate you and whatever part you have in reading this and being aware of me and me of you. Thank you so much! I also ask…I ask that you share my story if you desire to. Let me know if you need my services or if you can tell others about what I do. I can provide what I do through the web-conferencing tools I use and thanks to the amazing technology we have today that makes our world a smaller, yet still magical and adventurous place. If you want me to write for you or sing with a group you have, let me know about that too. For me, there are endless great reasons for visiting a place and of ways to connect and live this life together.

Amazing, how we contribute and our connected to each other in our lives! More than anything, I believe in creating my life to be what I desire. Only I have the power to take full responsibility for that. So, more than anything, I travel as my lifestyle by staying true to who I am and doing what I love. That’s how I create this lifestyle of travel. It all starts there and returns to that place in my heart. I can truly say, I have never been happier and am so happy and grateful for me, my life, and others.

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