I just moved this weekend. If you have known me for more than the past year, you have come to learn that I move pretty frequently…about an average of once per year or every two years. It’s one of the characteristics of the kind of person I am and something that I have come to appreciate about myself: I like change.

This move though was special. For this move, I actually packed things in an organized fashion and I eliminated stuff! At first I was overwhelmed by the thought of parting with things. Once I started however, I found myself overwhelmed by having so much stuff and it motivated me to get rid of more and more. It felt great. And as more time passes, it feels freeing.

Now, many people would say that I did not have much stuff to begin with. And I would agree. About this time last year, circumstances in life afforded me the opportunity (don’t you love that play on words?) to have no kitchen furniture, no living room furniture, and very limited bedroom furniture. Actually, I did not even have my own bed and now I’m back to not owning my own bed. I consider this to be very beneficial because it is a relief when I move that I do not have to rent a moving truck and hire movers. At the same time, I don’t hesitate to ask friends for help in exchange for food and good company.

You see, I had come to recognize this feeling of being held down, confined by the stuff I had accumulated. There’s nothing wrong with the stuff in and of itself. At a different time in my life I will gain more stuff again. However, during this season, I have simply identified new priorities in my life – priorities that I think will enable me to better reach my goals. With this more recent move, I was elated to find that I could set up a cozy and comfortably organized bedroom in less than an hour. Items and clothing are immediately and easily accessible, while still being protected for long keeping. It’s amazing how efficient plastic drawers can be.

Overall, my life is now contained to around 20 bins. I see it as traveling light so I can live a full life. What kind of stuff do you have in your life and how many bins would it take to hold? Have any recommendations and ideas to share from your own elimination organization? Feel free to share your secrets. I will treasure them.

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