People ask “Where are you moving to?” and it’s a bit of an unusual answer that we give. My boyfriend, Eric, and I have decided that it’s time to take off from Denver and venture into living outside the US. We both love traveling and have worked remotely and from home for years. With the nature of our business and being entrepreneurs, we know it’s possible and just as effective to do our business from anywhere. So, we’re moving to traveling. Imagine what that can look like…


We’re going to kick things off with the first three weeks of June in Costa Rica. It will be our first time there and one of the weeks will be spent with dear friends who are expats in the beach-beautiful area known as Guanacaste. Check out their great site, Quamsterican, where they share valuable tips about visiting and living in Costa Rica. The other two weeks we are leaving open so that we can explore the rest of the country and meet with small businesses who need our creative marketing skills. Our time there will be filled with enjoying the great company of our friends, helping them with the branding and marketing of their new water adventure company, spear-fishing and enjoying as many of the things that this exquisite country has to offer.

From Costa Rica, we’ll then zip over to Spain within the end of June, starting in Madrid and then spending the first part of July touring the northern region of Asturias where my family heritage is from. Our primary goal is to then settle into the beautiful Mediterranean city of Valencia by the end of July. This is where we desire to be for as long as we would like; our European home-base.

Other places we would like to visit in the months and year that follow are Italy, Greece, and anywhere where people desire our custom marketing and/or where the weather is warm and we can experience a beach and the sea. You see, we are now wanting to spend more time near the water and enjoy warm weather more year-round. Will we visit Denver again? You bet. We’re even keeping a small storage unit there with the small amount of things that we are keeping after we sell most of our stuff. Are we eager for the new adventures this lifestyle will bring us? YES WE ARE, WITH ALL OUR HEARTS! We love traveling and look forward to experiencing what we’ve each been dreaming of for years – sailing in the Mediterranean, experiencing new cultures and people, and bringing our creative work to other parts of the world.


So how can we afford this and even do this? It’s not because we already have all the money for it, because we don’t. What we have is infinite amounts of love for traveling and we’ve seen that the money we already spend living every-day life in one place, is plenty for living a traveling lifestyle. And that is what we want to enjoy more of with our time and resources. We have also fashioned our creative marketing business so that we can work even while we travel, from anywhere in the world, and the travel enhances and grows our business.

rf_im_logoNot only is this next part of our journey bringing our dreams to life, it is also expanding our work and putting our skills to use in new innovative ways that helps even more people. We get to further our Immersion Marketing, which specializes in world-class branding and authentic online presence for boutique hotels and other travel-related businesses, created by us experiencing what the business has to offer. Imagine how powerful and dynamic a hotel’s branding and online presence is when their marketing creators stay with them, explore their surrounding area, take part in their culture, and get to know them and their stories behind the hotel. It’s a win-win situation for both parties involved and it’s an enjoyable experience that produces long-term results. To make this possible for even more businesses, we also give the option for part of our rates to be compensated by hosting us. This part of our work is thrilling for us because we get to enjoy doing what we love – our creative work, traveling and getting to know and share people’s stories – and our clients get to enjoy more of what they love – engaging new audiences world-wide, seeing them become new customers, and seeing their business succeed.

If you like what we’re doing, let us know here and please learn more about us by visiting our new website Maybe you have your own business, or a boutique hotel or travel-business that can use our custom style of marketing or perhaps you know of someone who would be interested in what we can create for them. Please share about us with them and stay in touch to read the latest about where we are, what we’re creating, and how we’re enjoying our new home – traveling!

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