I just got my first pair of Bobs! That is, Bobs Shoes made by Skechers. I’m super excited to travel with them because they’re lightweight, breathable, comfy, and have neat features like Microbe Shield. We’ll get into what that is soon. What’s the neatest part about them is that for each pair bought, Skechers donates a new pair of shoes to a child in need. Talk about travel and fashion-fun with a cause!

This first pair I chose caught my eye in a DSW store. Their colorful and hand-crafted design appealed to me right away – I loved them! At first my usual size of 7 fit too big and when I looked for a 6.5, they were nowhere to be found. It was disappointing and I wanted them then even more. After trying some Converses and even a couple of Keds, I went back to this brightly beautiful pair of Bobs and had the thought to scan the boxes of another model next to it. And there it was – hiding in the middle of a stack of black Bobs – my colorful model in a size of 6.5! They fit perfect and my shoe-shopping quest was happily accomplished. Now they’re home with me.


So far, I’ve enjoyed them with no wear or blisters on my feet at all. The material doesn’t rub my feet wrong or at all really because they fit so well. Another great aspect is that they have memory foam insoles with an arch pillow. Since my feet have pretty high arches, I really value this and can’t imagine how any other style of foot wouldn’t be comfy in it too. But it gets even better – the interior is created with this thing called AEGIS microbe shield which controls odor, staining, and deterioration.

All the combined positives about the shoe make it practical and good for my feet while also stylish and creative in a way that benefits a much-needed cause. I also see it as a great shoe for traveling since they’re so compact, lightweight, and comfortable for extended walking. How fun!


Have you ever heard of Bobs or do you have a pair? What other shoe companies do you know of who are partnering with and benefiting a powerful cause? Share here with your experiences of them and especially with pictures if you have any. A great way to enjoy yourself is to have happy feet!

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