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I’m Amalia Maloney del Riego

I like to write about my latest interests.

I’m always into traveling, I’ve published a book of my poems, and I am a passionate advocate for a smoke-free world.

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Let’s go on a journey. Enjoy the travel writing I do for my blog Move To Traveling, and travel articles I’ve written for other publications.


Hmmm… What could I be writing about now? In addition to travel and poetry, I also write about my intriguing family history and creating a smoke-free world.


I write poetry when I feel inspired to do so. Delve into my latest works and check out my book, Poetry & Ponderings. 

About Me

I’m Amalia, an online content creator, plus so much more. Spain-based, I love traveling and, you probably guessed it, work remotely. I used to do social media management (we’re talking pre-Facebook Pages) and before that worked in corporate America in a variety of positions.

Gist is, traveling turned me on to writing, so no surprise that one of my specialties and passions is travel writing. I’ve also self-published a book of my poetry. I want to channel my major dislike of cigarette smoking and other pollutants to good use by advocating for a smoke-free world. 

Thanks so much for being here. 

My Blog & Book

Meet the Spanish In Me – Chapter 1 in The Chronicles of Heritage

Meet the Spanish In Me – Chapter 1 in The Chronicles of Heritage

I don't reserve any one part of my heritage to an assigned part of me. In other words, I want to clarify from the start that the title doesn't imply that only some of me is Spanish. If you want to be technical about it, then yeah. But in the heart of the matter, I am...

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