Who here takes pictures with their iPhone? Even if you don’t have an iPhone, it’s likely that you’ve enjoyed pictures taken with one. The camera on the popular smart phone is easy to use and great quality. Since having the version 4 and now the latest 5, I have taken thousands of pictures with my iPhone, from traveling Italy and Spain, to fun outings in my home-base of Denver. Now, I’m stepping it up and enjoying the fun of photo accessories for the iPhone. Did you know that detachable lenses exist for even more picture-taking fun with these devices? Check out my recent birthday gift and see if you would like how it can enhance your iPhone-photo skills as well.

2014-04-06 11.33.06Meet the Neewer FWM-5! It is a 3-in-1 photo lens. The different views are macro, fish-eye, and wide. As you’ll see from my pictures further below, I’m still learning how to use it without getting blurriness, but I already love it. What I especially like about its style is that it’s easy to place on my iPhone and remove. You just slide it on and off over the top of your phone, where the camera lens is. The functionality is great because the device is also lite and small. A small felt bag comes with it so I can easily store and carry it with me, even in a small purse or clutch. There are easy snap-on and off lens covers that protect the lenses and all you do to use the lens you prefer, is switch it around. Little adjustment is needed on the lens itself and it works for video as well – woohoo!

While some people may not care for the artistically fun effects of the fish lens, I can tell you it’s worth it even for just the macro lens. The close-up zoom effect that it has is astounding. I found that I could even take a picture of my finger and it reveals my fingerprint patterns to perfection. I could have really used this gadget endless times before when I was attempting to capture small leaves on a tree or the intricate details of a budding flower. Now I’ll get to do that just in time for Spring.

What fun things do you use your smart phone camera for? Are you an Instagram-er like I am? this gadget works for your Instagram-taking abilities too. If you’re looking for a new way and very affordable way to take your iPhone picture-fun to the next level, this is the accessory you need to get. Let me know what you think of it!

P.S. Just so you know, I am in no way writing this review in correlation with Neewer or for any kind of compensation. It is purely my own personal review and to share with a community of people who can enjoy and benefit from it. 

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