Cypress, Texas…have you heard of it? My recent visit was not my first time visiting this suburb of Houston, yet it became the first trip in which I experienced the natural beauty and charming warmth of Texas hospitality. This was all thanks to Seventh Heaven Ranch Resort. Staying four tranquil nights in their beautiful bed and breakfast style accommodations introduced me to a side of Texas I had never seen or felt. It has me excited to return. How many places have you ever visited that give you a heavenly feeling? For this home-away-from-home getaway, heaven is not just in the name…read about how it creates one of the most pleasant stays you can experience and carries through in the details. Place your cursor over the photos for more description.

I remember arriving at Seventh Heaven and how I immediately felt relaxation and peace. Even though it is located within the suburb of Cypress and conveniently 10 minutes drive to stores and restaurants, its surroundings are quiet countryside, open and blooming with lush green grasses, roses and wild flowers. The large brick house reminds me of a friendly châteaux and its gorgeous front yard and arched doorway welcomed us in to enjoy its charms. My brothers were excited to see the stocked fishing ponds nearby, of which there are three. Nature trails weave around them and throughout the 10.5 acres, allowing us to stroll there during our stay and cast our lines for a pleasurable pass-time.

The owner is Jason Mass and he greeted us at the entrance, fresh off the lawnmower. As we got to know him throughout our stay there, he shared about how he loves to mow the lawn as a way of relaxing and appreciating his beloved property. I found this sense of appreciation among all the staff…they’re doing what they love and they love what they do. They love Seventh Heaven and it shows. Jason helped us get checked in and took us on a personal tour of The Inn. This is the bed and breakfast style accommodations of the resort. Elegantly cozy, yet spacious, the home unfolds into pleasant surprises of shared common-spaces: the beautiful large kitchen with marble counter-tops and modern amenities, a tastefully decorated wine and cheese room, the classy office room for public use, and the pool table game room and sitting area located on the second floor.

Of the total six units, we stayed in the Massier Family Suite, which fit our family group of 6 comfortably and luxuriously. I absolutely loved our rooms because the quality of the furniture and features were fantastic. Pieces such as the dressers and tables, the bathroom vanity, were unique antique furnishings that were beautifully restored, like the gorgeous functional mahogany armoire that was in our master bedroom. Two of the units in The Inn are honeymoon suites, featuring romantic ambiance, splendid ethereal bathrooms, and one featuring a private outdoor deck. We had the chance to view most of the rooms and applaud the uniqueness of each one, distinguished by designer color schemes and special touches of high quality in everything from linens to furniture to wood flooring and exposed brick walls. Yet the splendor is not only found in the rooms. In addition to The Inn, there’s also The Spa. With all this luxury, consideration and convenience are not left out – one of the beautiful suites is fully handicapped accessible with an elevator that serves the second floor and with handicapped amenities throughout the bathroom and room.

Throughout our entire stay, I felt so at home that I began to run downstairs to the kitchen in my bare feet. Indulging as one always should when on a vacation, we savored the freshly made chocolate chip cookies that Maria had made just that day and always had available on the kitchen counter for people to enjoy. In the mornings, we melted from the inside out when we enjoyed her homemade baklava with coffee. Her beautiful smile and heavy Greek accent was my favorite thing to hear in the mornings, along with enjoying the homemade breakfast feast she prepares everyday for visitors. In the mornings we would sit just outside the kitchen and alongside the clear turquoise waters of the swimming pool. On one of the days, we even had other family members in the area join us for a BBQ lunch that we were able to cook ourselves using the kitchen and fantastic outdoor grill in the back terrace. Maria and Anthy, the patriarchs of The Inn, as I like to think of them, went out of their way to ensure we had everything available to us that we needed to cook for our family gathering.

There is not a place in the house or on the grounds that is not a peaceful oasis of tranquility and comfort. I’m thrilled that they are expanding with a new event space that is only yards from The Inn and which will also be home for their upcoming new Greek restaurant called Opa! It is the perfect venue for weddings, reunions and enjoying dinners with a view of the splendid Texas sunsets. Visit my reviews to read more about our Greek Family Dinner that we got to enjoy as prelude to Opa’s grand opening.

Our deliciously authentic Greek dinner at Opa!

Our deliciously authentic Greek dinner at Opa!

In my travels throughout Europe, the US and Caribbean, I have stayed in many resorts, B&B’s and hotels. Seventh Heaven is at the top of my list for its quality and the atmosphere created by its hospitable, friendly staff and owner. Thank you, Jason, Christianne, Maria and Anthy for your kindness and going above and beyond to give us such a special stay. Because of each of you, we truly look forward to returning!

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