Riding on the front seat of a Greyhound bus into the capitol of the United States of America, I was literally jolted by the immense energy I felt inside me. It was this amazing presence of excitement that vibrated throughout me with adrenaline. And no, it wasn’t from drinking coffee because I only had a small cup much earlier that morning. I recognized this pulsing force in me from the intense joy I feel when I travel. It’s the most amazing high ever and doesn’t depend on others around me or whether I am alone or accompanied…yet entering Washington, D.C. for only my second visit ever, it was surprising how thrilled I was.

The first sites to come into my view were the Pentagon and then shortly thereafter the Washington Monument rose tall and regal. Close by I saw the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and passed a few blocks within view of the United States Capitol on Capitol Hill. As the bus pulled into the Union Station, I was very aware that one journey was ending, which meant another was very much beginning.

The Union Station is beautiful! I love the ceiling and the stalwart statues of brave looking ancient men standing bravely with large shields upon the surrounding upper ledges of the main hall. I didn’t waste a single moment caring if I looked like a tourist – I unashamedly turned circles in place as I gazed up and took everything in with my eyes and heart. Then stepping out to the street, I gazed down the many stone arches that form the outer portico and entrances to the station building. It seemed to play a pleasant trick on my eyes…all those perfect arches one after the other, giving me the sensation I was entering a magical tunnel. Instead if getting sucked into the tunnel though, which would not have been a bad thing at all, I continued out to the street that separates the station from a small green park and a few blocks further away, I could view the United States Capitol building again. Hopping in a cab I headed to 22nd street where my Aunt was waiting for me at her office. She works for Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and I’m getting to visit her this week. This will be a record for us….two visits with each other within one year! I know that part of my great excitement and good energy I’m buzzing with is also because I’m looking forward to spending time with her. Her office is right next to the State Department building and right alongside Georgetown.

The bright sunshine and pristine blue sky beckoned me to wander the streets, so I strolled through Georgetown area. It’s brick buildings reminded me of London a bit and mixed throughout was more modern-styled architecture of steel and clear glass. Eventually I came across a great little cafe called Bourbon Coffee, which is where I am writing this very post from. They specialize in African coffees and their motto is naturally crop to cup. The people working there are great and the almond milk chai I had was really good with plenty of cinnamon on top. The place was pretty busy but I was able to snag a seat at the community table and get writing done to the background of espresso machines, voices conversing, and great music playing overhead.
This has only been day one of this second adventure of mine in Washington, D.C. I’m excited to see how the energy continues to feel throughout the week!





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