Gone are the days of artists being limited to where they live…And that horrible old phrase, starving artist, is continuing to be dis-proved. Whether it’s painting or photography, mixed media or music, artists of varying kinds can enjoy great success thanks to the ever-increasing resources for generating a business from our passionate work. I’m excited to be enjoying this new-found outlet for my creative self-expression. Saatchi Art has introduced me to great opportunities for showcasing and selling my art online. But you don’t have to feature art or be an artist to enjoy this online community. Come with me to learn what this new world of online art is all about…

Saatchi Art is a website that allows you to create your own art collector account or art seller account for free. By creating either account, you can peruse and shop among an endless array of works to purchase for yourself or upload pictures of your own art pieces to sell. What I love is that no matter where you are in the world, it works! If you live in Denver and buy a piece from a painter in Japan, you simply pay reasonable shipping and have it mailed to you.

Touring Denver's Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)

Touring Denver’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)

As the artist seller, you can choose to sell originals, prints, or both. When someone from anywhere in the world buys a print, Saatchi fulfills the order by printing, shipping it, and paying you your percentage. All the hassle handled by them. For originals, they simply allow you to do the shipping and fulfillment of the order yourself, but you didn’t have to deal with creating a website for those capabilities to accomplish this. Great team-work, huh!

I love taking photos so I am now featuring my photography on Saatchi. They give three different paper-type options and the option for buyers to have a piece printed on canvas. The tools they provide are well worth the percentage that is kept as their part with each purchase because the whole process is so seamless and stress-free, not just for the artist but for the buyer as well. And there’s no monthly account fees at all or minimum requirements for selling pieces of art. Anytime I want, from any internet browser, I can upload a new photo, set the price I desire to sell it at (which is easy to do with their handy gauge that shows what you make according to the price set), and easily share it on a variety of social media platforms that I have or email it to friends.

Screenshot 2014-04-21 22.07.04

Are you an artist? A lover of art? What resources do you use for enjoying and creating art? Local community and in-store, face-to-face exhibiting is still important to me and in my mind the most powerful. For this traveling writer and photographer, I’m grateful and thrilled to be enjoying the best of both worlds with art off and online.

Visit my portfolio on Saatchi by clicking here: Artist Amalia Maloney

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