Where do you see rainbows the most? I’m starting to learn that I see them the most when I am traveling. Even a family member, my tita Amalia who I’m named after, recently sent me a picture of a rainbow she saw while in Belize for Christmas (I guess this rainbow-thing runs in the family). When I think back on these rainbow-encounters more, I remember that most of the times, I was by myself. Maybe that is why they feel like such a gift to me…like a loving message of abundance and love.

Sometimes, they were reminders for me and at other times, new lessons. Ever time, it was a gift that still blesses me in present moments. What do rainbows mean for you? How do you experience them? Alone or when with others?

Below are pictures of my rainbow travel companions. I hope you enjoy and share them. If you have any of your own, please share them here as well, perhaps by linking back to your blog or website. I can’t wait to meet them too!

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