The Sea and Me

by | Poetry

Dear sea, do you hear me? Do you hear me typing?

What do you think and feel about how I sound?

Do you smile and close your eyes when you hear me?

Are you excited that we are so close to each other?

I am elated to be near you.

Hearing you I think of healing –

your salty waters that cleanse and crystallize,

your deep blues and turquoise shades that vary,

your ever-transforming surface that ripples, then rises in white-capped waves.

I picture the countless grains of sand along your bottoms, the creatures moving with life,

shells and stones changing each second with the wearing of time and your touch.

I love you sea, whether I hear or see you, it is a dream to know you are there so close.

You give life and delight and I am glad you are part of my life; glad that we share this world.


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