The Sea of Time

by | Poetry

Time is like a sea,

Each minute a drop, each second a grain of salt, 

Seemingly separate, up close so small. 

Open wide the eyes and look upon the vista, 

A sea, like time spreads out as one. 

Even appearing still and smooth, a surface flat, 

Yet moving and flowing, some instances currents churning.

A continuous journey.

Reflecting all that is around, the light of sun and moon and stars, 

Revealing colors and treasures deep within, creating new shades. 

In one place it exists, while dancing as infinite couples twirling, 

Their movements shimmering on the surface, gliding onward, 

Connected, rooted to the unseen deep below, other worlds and beings. 

Time is like a sea, 

Always flowing, in all directions, expanding and growing. 


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