Took forever to find this street when I arrived in Lisbon, Portugal

You know, there’s not much that I have missed while I have been traveling. I’m sort of amazed, cause I’ve been traveling for over seven months now with a shoulder bag that carries my “office” (aka, laptop) and one large bag on wheels. But the time has finally come…I find myself missing a few things. Maybe it’s because the weather is changing again and Fall is upon us even here in Spain. Perhaps it also has to do with the fact that I was originally planning on returning to Denver at the end of September and instead, have decided to stay in Europe indefinitely. That and I love traveling – I don’t want to stop 🙂

The things I get to still call mine are back in Denver, residing happily in Ikea bins in the basement of a cute little bungalow I got to live in before I left for Europe this past Spring. Lately my mind wanders to that basement, picturing items that I would love to have with me now. Here are some of them, in delightful random fashion…

Visiting Bergamo, Italy with best friend Anne – wearing our scarves in early April.

Some of my scarfs – like the awesome lite-crystal blue one that is real silk and from India. Got that from a friend’s wedding over seven years ago. She came back from living in India and used these scarfs to decorate the centerpiece of her reception tables. After the wedding was over, people got to take them home with them. Love that idea! And have loved that scarf ever since.

My awesome briefcase/shoulder bag – this is one of those authentic, handmade real leather bags that is the real vintage thing. The wonderful man who almost became my father-in-law years ago (that’s a whole ‘nother story…) gave it to me as a random gift. It has a great strap with a brass buckle for adjusting the length and a matching buckle for closing and securing the top flap. It reminds me of Indian Jones, but even better! I promise, it really is that cool.

My sweats – this actually encompasses more than just my amazingly comfortable and way-too-big-for-me sweat pants…it also includes my hoodie sweatshirts. I love to relax by pulling on those cottony-soft baggy pants, the bottoms of the legs swallowing up my feet so I step on them when I walk (or more like slide). There’s a drawstring thankfully in the waist, otherwise they would fall off as I waddle around in them. To really melt away though in the luxurious coziness of comfort when the temperatures start to drop , I love to top my self off with a plush medium-sized hoodie. I don’t like them small cause then they’re a bit tight once they’re washed and, as you can probably tell by reading about my too-big sweatpants, I like them with room to snuggle in. You know what I mean, right? Sleeves that are long enough to pull over your hands so you can rest your face against the fabric when curled up on the couch and folding your arms up to place alongside your head…or better yet…slouched in a deep couch that swallows you up when you lean back against large cushions, pull up your knees against your chest, and secure them there snuggly by pulling down the bottom of your hoodie over your knees and legs! And the favorite typical…tucking your hands into the belly pocket where your fingers intertwine in a warm little prayer.

Okay…so maybe I’m a bit obsessed with the sweats! That and it could be because I miss them so much.

Closest I came to sweats on this whole trip – my friend Marilena wearing hers in Milano!

Hmmmm…what else…

1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs of leggings, & 1 pair of workout pants…for over 7 months…(lounging in Volterra, Italy at the Villa Otium in Tuscany)

Sweater tights – I haven’t really missed clothes that much actually, but lately I have found myself remembering the great sweater tights that I have, one particular pair I really wish I had is black with tiny colorful little dots on them. They came from Super Target and were less than $10. I don’t buy clothes unless they’re on sale or just crazy cheap.

You know…that’s really it right now. I don’t miss my bed, cause I sold that months before I left and…well, it’s a bed. What’s there to miss? I don’t miss any furniture cause I sold all that years ago anyways and am so grateful every time I have moved that I don’t have furniture I have to move.

Ah ha! How could I almost forget? It’s what inspired me to jot down these thoughts as a post!!!

My hiking boots and gear! I have this great extended trip Gregory women’s backpack that has seen many fantastic and spectacularly gorgeous Rocky Mountain backpacking excursions in Colorado. Then there’s the 2-man backpacking tent that’s lite and just plain awesome cause it’s got the two doors on either side and with the rain-fly creates two little vestibules as well. And to complete the whole set, I’ve got my trusty little backpacking camp stove and mess kit, all passed on to me by my dad when I left Florida for college in Colorado many years ago…gosh, over ten years ago now! They still work great. At least as of last summer they did…These outdoor adventure treasures of mine are expertly organized and lovingly packed in Ikea’s largest storage bin they sell. And this means, it is going to be the first bin that I make sure to ship over to Europe for when the opportunity arises. Ah, and my skis…well, I figured since I’ve used them for several years now, I’m going to use this as an excuse to get a new pair, preferably in Europe. We’ll see what this winter brings about. And besides, I need to keep a pair handy in Colorado for skiing my beloved Rocky Mountains when I am Denver-based.

Doing laundry in Tuscany…this was the only time I’ve ever enjoyed doing laundry 🙂

Nope…there are few things that I miss and more than anything, that I realize how much I can go without. I’ve enjoyed learning so many things about myself through traveling and I think this is one of them. What things can you not live for long without? What things do you miss when you are traveling?

Day-packing it with mom and the little bro at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain

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