Amalia & Eulanda at Momo's Moroccan in LondonIt was a time called London and the place was last March of 2012. I was there for my first time, taking in the life and all its eclectic and diverse energies. The pace is colorful and busy, full of people from all races and different locations of the globe. Seeing my amazing friend Eulanda Shead and her boyfriend Omo reminded me of this experience, even though I saw them this past weekend in Denver rather than in London. 

Eulanda is a friend I made in Denver over the past few years. Yet now, she is for me the face of London. It takes me back to that time, to that place of London, because Eulanda hosted me while she was living there. She still lives there and returned this week with the amazing man that she met in London.

IMG_1804A lot of great things come from London. There’s of course the usual…British culture complete with the taste of fish and chips, pubs for brew, and tall red telephone booths on the streets. I love the people I experienced there. It seems London retains its British charm. The accent captivates one’s ears and the traditions live on in monarchy and architecture, amongst so many other things of course. But I’m not going to try to list all of them here.

I have experienced that while London holds its own, those that call it home truly bring and live out their own culture and style. There is the magical reality that all things change and we have a part in changing each other, yet in London, it seems the newcomers, foreigners, are encouraged to bring all of themselves to this city. Their time there is composed of their original home meeting London. And London meeting them. I embraced this joyously while visiting last year…from salsa dancing to dinners with homemade Ethiopian food paired with Italian cuisine, this was only possible because of array of cultures and countries represented wherever I went.

Amalia with Denise and Andy in London

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