What City is an Island but not a Loner?

by | Poetry

Along the banks of the Saint Lawrence River,

where raging rapids once turned away men,

thrives a vibrant city of people and cultures,

where creativity and art never end.

A history of the Quiet Revolution,

evoking progressive, powerful change.

Overturning dominance with peace,

leading to a place of acceptance today.

Now charming historic buildings,

live on along the Old Port river banks,

full of picturesque coffee shops,

tasty pastries and brunch plates.

High rises and modern architecture,

appear just around the bend,

showcasing museums of art and design,

expanding imaginations in new ways.

From China Town to Italian borrows,

the Jewish Quarter to the Village,

here the world can be experienced,

without even leaving the island.

And yes, circled by canals,

this city is an island within the land.

Yet Montreal’s spirit is not a loner,

welcoming all with a loving hand.

The Place d’Armes in the heart of Old Montreal.


  1. Angie Del Riego

    Simple, yet beautifully written. Keep up the inspiration!

    • Amalia

      Thank you! So glad you liked the poem.


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