2013-08-10 08.32.43On the north shore of the Dominican Republic, is one of the best kitsurfing beaches in the world, Cabarete. Recently I enjoyed staying there with a friend who kitesurfs. We both enjoy eating great food at new places and relaxing in the sun and sea of the beautiful beach in this Caribbean paradise. My time there included these places that I recommend for where you can also enjoy the best of kitesurfing and local food. 

The town of Cabarete is located a couple of hours drive from the larger city of Puerto Plata, also on the north shore, and a few hours from the capital city, Santo Domingo. Either cities are where airports are located for flying into the country. This is one of my favorite areas of the country for going to the beach because even today it still seems a bit more remote. The tourism is flourishing and present, yet it is mainly composed of Europeans and a variety of other cultures from around the world. The southern shore and well-known eastern area of Punta Cana is composed of mainly all-inclusive resorts and the beaches tend to have more tranquil waters instead of the waves and wind that Cabarete is known for.

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Getting Geared Up for Kitesurfing

Kite Club Cabarete is the place in Cabarete to get geared up. Whether you’re a beginner with the sport or a seasoned veteran, they have everything you need. Better yet, the people working there are helpful, knowledgeable, and super fun. There’s nothing like a good personality and kind attitude helping you out when you’re eager to enjoy your vacation and sport. William is the young gentleman who has been managing the shop for years now. I got to meet him while there recently and even though I don’t kitesurf, I saw his great interaction with the customers and clients. This is the place to get set up with rentals and lessons according to your level of experience and expertise with the sport. From what I understand, you can become members of the Kite Club to get special deals and packages as well as. When you go there, tell him Amalia says hello and sent you their way. Located right on Kite Beach, the club is still within pleasant walking distance to town and all the apartments and hotels along the way. The neighbor next door is the Kite Beach Hotel. While I have not stayed there myself, I’ve heard from several veteran kitesurfers and visitors to Cabarete, that it is a great hotel to stay at and at reasonable prices. After all the kitesurfing, or for that matter just playing and relaxing on the beach, one gets hungry. Rather than go far, just pop in right next door for what I experienced to be some of the best breakfast and people in Cabarete!

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Dominican Fresh at Kite Club Cafe

One morning, I got up early and strolled down the beach from my place while it was still quiet and empty of people. I was hoping deep down inside that the Kite Club Cafe attached to Kite Club Cabarete was open early for breakfast. The cafe was just opening when I got there around 8am. It was well worth the walk with a hungry stomach because the plate I ordered was a plentiful serving of fresh fruit, eggs, and toast. This was seriously one of the best breakfasts I have had in over a month of traveling around the Dominican Republic – the eggs were not overcooked and the fruit was a colorful assortment of local tropical fruits sprinkled cinnamon and raisins! The only thing as good as the deliciously fresh food, was the price, which was less than RD 200 (pesos), or the equivalent of not even $5! Yeah, I’m not kidding. Of course I had to enjoy my coffee as well, which is from a local grower in the region. That only added on another couple of dollars and only because I drank about three cups (I’m proud to say I’m a coffee-holic). During the rest of the day, this great open patio area has the vibe of a surf hang out spot, with a grassy lawn between it and the beach. The Kite Club shares the building with it and there are picnic tables to enjoy your grub among all the other things they provide. You can get coconut milk served fresh in the coconut, tropical smoothies that you can have spiked if you like, and wraps and salads for lunch. Their entrees for breakfast and lunch of course include traditional Dominican foods, like tostones made from platanos or mangu, which is another way to fix platanos.

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Great Community

I experienced both of these places to have great community. There’s an international crowd all throughout Cabarete, but one especially seems able to enjoy meeting people and making friends at the Kite Club and Kite Club Cafe. The locals working there are from different parts of the world, extending a friendly and accepting attitude and warmth. I call them locals because regardless of the length of time they have been there, they consciously make Cabarete their home and contribute to the experience that people have of the area. There’s more I will write about the town itself, but suffice to say that for your time kitesurfing in Cabarete, the club is the place to be.

For more tantalizing pictures, visit my online album: Beach and Kitesurfing Time in Cabarete

It was a rainy morning on the beach...still beautiful!

It was a rainy morning on the beach…still beautiful!

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