Wine Not Write!?! This Writer’s Experience of Drinking Wine While Writing.

Here I am, almost done with day two of this new year of 2018, and wondering what I can do to write more often. In case you hadn’t notice, I like to change things up and I don’t stick to a routine for very long. But I value being prolific and productive as a writer (yeah, still working on that, but it’s getting there!). I love the process and experience of writing when it just flows from me – the words, reliving the experience, or witnessing an experience emerge within my imagination as the words come. More than anything, I find that I especially love to write when it’s mainly for me, not just for meeting a deadline or informing others. Then today it returned to me, an idea I had over a year ago; why not combine something else I love with writing? And that something else is wine.

So tonight, I’m sitting down to write along with sipping on a nice glass of red wine. The sun has set and the sky is layers of soft pink and dark purplish-grey, spread out over the sea, above the horizon. Even as I watch this gorgeous view from my cozy writing corner, the lovely Mediterranean Sea is deepening its slate-grey surface to reflect the rosy hues of pink, shimmering in countless dark speckles as the current all flows together in one direction. There’s just something about a glass of wine that causes me to relax and take in all that is around me; it feels luxurious and refined. While that glass of wine can transform even the humblest of surroundings to being enjoyable, it also evokes the appreciation of placing one’s self in a beautiful environment, honoring of that lovely taste and elegant style. Mmmm… it really brings out the prissy princess in me.

wine writing

The color of my red wine is not found in the sunset. It’s simply standing out bold and deep, rich red here on my desk. Tonight I’m drinking a bottle that Eric got us recently. It’s called Estola Reserva 2012. This Spanish wine is from La Mancha. It’s not expensive at all, although I’m not sure what the price was. I was pretty sure it was less than €5, but then again online some sites price it around €7. Ah, the joys of living in Spain!

The wine is on the drier side and the first thing I think of when I take a sip, is a ripe, juicy plum! I like it. It tastes nice and isn’t sweet or too tangy going down. Just smooth and an easy drinker. It doesn’t have much of a nose on it and at times, smells a tad bit fumy. If I withstand the fumes though and give it a longer smell, I can pick up on a slight scent of berries. I do love myself a great smelling wine, so in this area, this wine isn’t rating high. At least the taste and the color make up for it. So the color – it’s a lovely dark red; that rich, purplish red that in some light looks almost black, especially towards the bottom of the glass. Of course, this could be the lighting I’m sitting in right now too.

wine writing

Some other fun facts (by the way, the observations above were before I looked up any other info) are that this wine is a blend of Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon and matured in oak barrels. I personally love Tempranillo and find that these wines, and blends with that grape, get along with my body. As I’m learning more about wines and being a little more particular about what wines I’ll drink, I’m finding that some kinds and certain grapes, can tend to give me a headache even with just one glass. Interesting, huh. What it still comes down to is the obvious rule of thumb, which still applies for me – if it’s a cheap, crappy wine, my body won’t like it either, no matter what the grapes are.

Am I a wine connoisseur? Not at all! I just really enjoy drinking good wines and I’d like to think I’m open to all sorts of experiences and learning some new things, like I hope to do by writing with wine here. I’m not sure what will come of doing this regularly or how regularly I’m going to do it, but I’m willing to give it a try. All this, and I’d like to learn more about wine anyways. I really enjoy wine, especially reds, and feel I’m developing more taste for good quality wines and appreciating them in a healthy way. For me, great wines are also key to enjoying delicious food and having great gastronomical experiences. Two more things I absolutely love in this world, along with traveling.

My goal with this ‘Writing with Wine’ idea is that it will also be a practice in being consistent and prolific. Does it sound crazy to think wine with anything can result in being prolific and consistent…? I do so love doing things that are not typical and challenging the status-quo. I think it’s definitely possible. When I do ‘Writing with Wine’, I’ll have just one glass of the wine I’m enjoying while I’m writing, and I’ll aim to get the post done and published in under two hours. Why not!?!

If you have a wine that you recommend I try this out with, let me know. I’d also love to get your comments on what things you enjoy doing with wine? Maybe it’s painting, cooking, or composing music? Just not driving, ok. That’s an obvious no-no. And, I just gotta say this, I’m not advocating that I need to get buzzed to write or be prolific. I’m just having fun here, really, and I encourage everyone to remember that being creative comes from within yourself, not external influences (your philosophical, serious take-away from this post, in case you wanted one).

Let me know your thoughts and hope you come back to my site. Let’s see what I share about next time I write with wine.

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