Images and video tell great stories so here are some pictures and video of Xeraco Beach where are living in Spain. In Valenciana, it is called Platja de Xeraco and in Castellano, Playa de Jaraco. Living here in the winter is like living on a private beach. There are not many people around; hardly any people really. It is muy tranquilo as we like to say for practicing our Spanish. I’m sure you can tell what that means.

We love stepping out onto the beach every day and feeling the sand and water on our feet. Being the Mediterranean, the water is very salty. I love it! There are an ever-changing variety of beautiful shells to admire and collect. Most days the water is quite still and smooth. But there are days when the tides become boisterous and the waves are huge and loud. We’re having some of those days right now and they are just as beautiful as the quiet days.

Yes, the climate is colder right now and we can especially feel it because it’s so humid here. The air is damp and wet. After living in super-dry Colorado, our skin is happily soaking it up and everything feels soft and nourished. And by colder, I mean colder than the heat of summer and where you do need a thick jacket and we are using our lovely fireplace in the casita. But it doesn’t get cold enough to snow here and that’s what matters most to us.

Our particular part of the beach has a wonderful wooden boardwalk that hugs the sand dunes. Sea grasses and shrubs grow here in enchanting shades of sea-green. They are decorated with purple, yellow and white flowers, as well as dotted with los caracoles, the snails that also call this place home. The beach here is like many of the beaches in Spain and like its parks even within cities – they’re well maintained and feature nice playgrounds and work-out areas for the enjoyment of visitors and to promote good health. The Spaniards appreciate how nature and the outdoors are an essential part of healthy, happy living.

Ah, Xeraco Platja…our little piece of heaven.


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