A cozy place to rest in Campo San Francisco

A cozy place to rest in Campo San Francisco

The change of seasons that autumn brings is magical for me. No matter where I am, it seems to bring with it an energy of adventure and magic. We witness leaves transform from varying hues of green to strikingly contrasting shades of red, orange and yellow. They curl at the edges, becoming crisp and dry until the very moment in which they detach from their tree and descend spinning to the ground. Maybe you live in a place where the seasons change or perhaps you travel to where they do.

Autumn can be a wonderful time to travel. It tends to be less crowded and busy, an “off-season” for many places. This can also mean great price deals on transportation and accommodations. One of my favorite reasons is that you can experience the unique festivals that take place during this time of year. These opportunities can truly immerse you in the history and local culture of the area. What usually keeps people from traveling in the fall is the typical availability of time off from their work and kids are in school (if you have children). Yet more and more people today are being very creative with their work and schedules, even with their families, just so they can travel when they desire to and in ways they prefer. Choosing to travel during an off-season is one of those creative ways to travel.

Exploring Oviedo's Monte Naranco

Exploring Oviedo’s Monte Naranco

My favorite place for visiting in autumn are the mountains in my home state of Colorado and, for going abroad, the town of Oviedo in northern Spain. While Colorado is famously known for its golden Aspen trees, Oviedo, which resides in the region of Asturias, also exhibits a heady array of colors in the fall. The land is rich with lush growth of trees, flowers, and plants everywhere, rising from the Earth in hills and majestic mountains. It is so verdant and humid, that it reminds me of Scotland. The nature of the trees are that of northern climates, perfect for the magic of autumn. This is particularly evident within the center of Oviedo where the Campo San Francisco (or San Francisco Park) is located. The trees here not only look wise as they tower tall and regal, they even feel ancient. Here and throughout the surrounding areas and countryside, you can experience the changing of the leaves along with the warm and welcoming culture. It deepens the thrill and wonder of an already very magical place.

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A view of Oviedo’s Cathedral of San Salvador

Travel in and of itself invites such newness and change, that many times I seem to forget that autumn is taking place in the new land I am visiting. Do you travel in autumn intentionally for the change of seasons or for other reasons? Where is your favorite place to experience autumn?


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